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At times some products will become unavailable for shipment after you make a purchase.

When a product ordered becomes unavailable for shipment:
We will contact you to see whether you would like a refund or have the missing item replaced by another product.
The most common causes of a product suddenly becoming unavailable are as follows:
  1. A batch of shipment from supplier fails QC (the most likely cause of sudden outage)
  2. Manufacturer changing the production line to produce some other products, resulting in the current product being temporarily unavailable
  3. Delayed stock information displayed on site - since there is a time gap between each order clearing the payment process and getting recorded in our order system, stock status can be delayed on the LT site by up to 30 to 45 minutes

On rare occasions a "back ordered" product can show "typically ships in 3 to 7 days" in the product status area for a prolonged period of time (and thus not caused by the 45-min delay mentioned above). This is general due to data entry errors occurring at the warehouse. If you suspect a product is out of stock and the product page shows "available", please let us know . We will investigate and fix all potential issues.

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