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Review for our product and get MCM points!
How to get your MCM points:

1. Video Review
You can get up to 10 MCM points if you have made a good youtube video. Email our staff via:
points@magiccubemall.com including the Youtube link, Your magiccubemall account, SKU number of the reviewed product. Our staff will check the quality of the video, and will give you MCM points depend on the quality of the video.

2. Text Review
You can post text review in our product page. Please give a detailed description about your opinion about the product. After your review, please send an Email to:
points@magiccubemall.com , our staff will give you 2 MCM points if your review is helpful.

3. Every MCM points will be added to your account manually.

What is MCM points:

10 MCM points = 1$,when over 100 MCM points,you can request cash back to your paypal account.

How to use MCM points:

If you want to use your MCM points to redeem items from magiccubemall , please send an Email to: points@magiccubemall.com including your magiccubemall account, SKU number and quantity of the item you want to redeem. Our staff will tell you how to go to the next step.
Should you have any questions about MCM points questions, feel free to ask our staff via Email:

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