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For Brazilians who do not have a credit card to use or do not have PayPal account, can use the services
our partner in BRAZIL. PpFacil (
www.ppfacil.com )

You can buy credits to your PayPal account and then making your purchase at our store, using these
credits or you can choose the product that you want in our shop and request to PpFacil purchase it direct from
our store to your address, without need to register at PayPal!

For more information visit, www.ppfacil.com

Ppfacil is one of the partnership of magiccubemall.com

Ppfacil sell paypal credits USD to the buyer paypal account or place the order direct to the buyer address on magiccubemall.com

A - buyer can pay direct magiccubemall using his own paypal account, in this case, if has refund, the buyer receive direct
B- Ppfacil can place the order direct to buyer address using our paypal acount, in this case, if has refund, ppfacil receive the refund and the buyer can choose other item

Ppfacil offer this two services:
A: If the buyer place the order using paypal credits that we sell, seller are responsible to chat with seller
B: If we place the order to buyer, we are responsible to chat with seller.

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